Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rain in Africa, Snow in New York

This season of my life has been way too busy. I am exhausted. I miss Africa and the afternoons spent drinking tea. The evenings spent looking up at the sky. Ok, ok. I probably didn't actually do those things all that often. There were always cell phones ringing and emails waiting.

But often the internet just didn't work. And the phones went dead. And the power went off.

And if I was lucky it would rain. In Africa wherever you are and whatever you are doing, when it rains you just stop. You stand at the door and stare as the rain comes pounding down. And you know that you have stolen back a few minutes of your life. No one is coming to the door. And you can't go anywhere. In fact the rain pounding on the tin roof means you can't even hear the people who are in the same room with you. Nor can you hear the radio, or the television, or the cell phone.

All you can do is stop and look at out the rain.

And so here in New York I love the snow. Because New York doesn't stop for rain, but we do a pretty good job at stopping for snow. And we have been blessed by two beautiful snow storms this February, just when I needed them most.

Because sometimes life just needs to slow down.

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