Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thank you! (and please keep shopping)

A big shout out to the AWESOME customers who turned out this week to do some holiday shopping at the SHONA website and to help make it possible for the SHONA women to move into a new home. The women haven't moved yet and we are still trying to raising money for the deposit on their new home, but your purchases have made a huge difference and we really appreciate it! Thank you!

If you haven't yet stopped by the SHONA website, we hope you do sometime soon. We think you can find some great, meaningful holiday gifts, and to be honest, right now, your support is more meaningful than ever. The SHONA artisans face a lot of challenges these days, and yet they are working diligently to complete a wholesale order we received. They could use a little encouragement and support along the way, and truly what better way is there to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season?

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