Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The New Workshop!

Check Out Our New Home!

It is a humble little workshop, but one we are very proud of!

The SHONA women saved their money and bought this land.
(Only the part up front! That is a school yard back there!)

And together, with your donations, they have built this workshop.

It has cement floors, wood walls, and a tin roof.

We prioritized buying good windows and a decent door, both for security reasons and to let in the light, since the workshop does not yet have electricity.

You'll notice the entrance to the workshop has a cement ramp, making it easy for the women to walk, and the outhouse is also easily accessible.

Whenever the women try and rent space, they face serious challenges finding space that is easy for them to walk without falling. So it is a special blessing to build their own place, because even with very limited funds, they can make the small alterations which make a big difference to them.

We are deeply proud of this workshop. The fact that the women were able to save their money on their own and buy this land is visible proof of their independence, wisdom and determination to create change in their own lives. They are amazing women and they are quietly re-imagining what is possible for young women in Eastern Congo, not to mention disabled women.

We are also deeply proud of this workshop because it represents what we can build together. We could not have built this workshop without the donations of our friends. In the midst of a difficult economy, you have chosen to support a very small group of women half way around the world.

Thank you for your support!
It fills us with hope!


Lauren said...

That's so wonderful to hear. I am so grateful they have that space now... Thank you for sharing. What an inspiring group of women!

shona congo said...

Thanks Lauren! We are grateful as well! Thanks for following our journey.

H. said...

I am so excited to see pictures of the new workshop- it makes it so real! Also, it looks very solid and well-constructed and a great base to work from. I'm sure Shona will continue to grow by leaps and bounds with the support of a stable work space.

Many Blessings to Shona and all the supporters!

Ann said...

Beautiful. Congratulations! :)