Monday, June 20, 2011

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I went to a summer festival here in NY this weekend. It had some great artists and fabulous music...and not very many people there...

There were hardworking vendors, selling handcrafted work (including us!), but there just weren't many people walking by. And there were truly awesome musicians, playing with all the heart, to an empty street. And it reminded me again, how hard artists work, plugging away at their craft and trying hard to get it out there...and sometimes that means playing to an empty street.

And for that, I am deeply thankful to all of SHONA's friends. Because without you, sharing links, telling people about us, and buying our products as gifts for others... we too would be playing to empty streets! The internet is a vast world, and easy to get lost in. We have no marketing budget, and no brand recognition. And each of you, helps make it possible for new people to find us everyday, and not just find us, but stop and listen.

People check us out, because you vouch for us. And we really can't do it without you! Many, many thanks to our loyal friends and customers and Please DO take a minute to post a link and let others know that we have free shipping this week!

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