Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Would you be willing to make a small loan to SHONA?

To make a loan just click the button. You can enter any amount you choose. We will record the date of your loan and return the money within 3 months. The money can be returned by paypal or by check, whichever you prefer. And of course if you actually prefer to make your money a gift, rather than a loan, just let us know in the comment box at check out. Many, Many thanks for all your support!

Would you consider a 3 month loan?
of $20. Or $50? or $100.

We don't want you to give it to us.
But would you consider letting us borrow it for 3 months?

Think of all the times that money just sits in the bank. And what do they do with it? Where do they invest it...and for whose good?

How about turning the tables just a little? How about taking a tiny amount of your savings and investing it with these amazing women.

Of course we can't offer you interest on your investment, but it is a deeper type of investment, in dignity. And really we are just borrowing the money. In three months you will have it back. Guaranteed.

And in the meantime you will have invested in some amazing women. In their hard work and in their future. Your money will allow them to buy cloth, sew it and ship their work. So that it is here for the holiday shopping season.

Big stores have a huge stock going into the fall season. They know this is the most important time of the year for retail. We are tiny and without you, we can't have much of a stock. But with your help, we can represent the beautiful and talented work of these four women. I will start going to fall craft fairs next month to represent the SHONA women. And I hope to have a full stock that represents all that they are capable of. Will you invest in that?

It will make a world of difference to us.

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