Friday, August 1, 2014

The difference between 12 cents and 7 dollars....

Before you buy that brightly colored bag...
the one that looks like it must be "fair trade"
Consider the difference between 12 cents and 7 dollars.

Stop and ask the person selling tthe bag, "Who made this bag?"
And then ask how much that person actually earned.
And if they can't tell you, then let's be honest.
It is probably a mass-produced, factory-made bag, just like you would find at Walmart.  Just in a different color.

Changing the color doesn't change how it was made.
And just because something looks like a celebration of another culture, doesn't mean it wasn't made in a sweatshop.  

Consider the graphic below and you will see an average $14 shirt allows for 12 cents for labor.

 A similar graphic could be made for most bags.  The person who made the bag usually earns only cents for their work. So when you see those trendy, "ethnic" looking bags for sale at a street festival, don't assume they have a beautiful story behind them.  They usually don't. 

 Pick up a Signature SHONA Congo bag instead. And you will know exactly who made your bag. It is written right there on the tag. right next to her picture.  And more importantly you will know that the woman who sewed that bag earned $7 for that bag. Compare that to 12 cents in a factory.

SHOP SHONA and celebrate real beauty.

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