Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Finally the shipment has arrived! After a ridiculous month of theatrics, DHL has finally coughed up our package. Apparently intact. THis is an amazing feat since the package spent over two weeks in Kinshasa.

So now I have stacks and stacks of shirts and outfits and bags ready to be sold. If only they were posted in our store. You see I was so busy demanding my package, I seem to have forgotten to prepare for it. Or maybe it was just a bit too hard to prepare for a package which I assumed was lost forever. So I have the list of inventory and I have the raw pictures, but getting everything uploaded is no small task, especially on my internet connection.

Thank you to all our customers for patiently awaiting the phantom package, and to all our friends and supporters who kept our spirits up when it appeared the package had taken up permanent residence in Kinshasa. I will be posting our new stock over the next two days. And will post an announcement here when the stock is officially complete.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Glad everything worked out for you! I look forward to seeing the new inventory.

shona congo said...

Hooray indeed! THanks for your cheers. I am about to upload the new inventory, but I am sorry to report that you will probably have to wait a while longer. THis shipment didn't have much in the way of MEDIUM, but we have a ton of stuff coming your way next month. God willing the next shipment will have a safer, faster journey than the last. In the meantime, thanks for keeping your eye on us.