Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last day to send in your question and win a bag!

You guys are definitely going to keep me busy with all your fascinating questions. I can't wait to get started! Monday morning I will announce the winner of our give-away and start tackling these questions. I plan to answer one or two a day and have them all answered within the week. So stay tuned for lots of blogging in the coming week on some truly fascinating topics.

We have a question on traditional medicine. Let me just tell you that within the past couple weeks there have been a rash of violence involving the cutting off of various body parts here in Goma. The violence was commonly attributed to "witch doctors" who needed the body parts for spells. Whether this is true or not, traditional medicine, poisoning and spells are central parts of the belief system here, and there is a ton to say about it.

We also have a question on religion here in Congo, which is interesting particularly in light of the above question.

And we have questions on whether I see positive change here in Goma (I'll be thinking about that one for a while), and what the SHONA ladies hopes for the future are (that will come right from their own mouths).

It is going to be an interesting week, stay tuned!

And if you haven't weighed in yet, you still have time today! Send in your question involving Congo and you will automatically be entered to win a free SHONA bag. See here for details. Your chances are still good. And remember that you can double your chances by linking to us and sending a second comment telling us that you linked to us on facebook, twitter, your blog, or your website. Give it a shot; at the very least we'll all get some great conversations!

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