Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts from Africa: Celebrate women around the globe!

Every SHONA item has a story behind it. Not just the story of a craftsperson, but that of her whole family.

If you look closely at the work of Argentine and Mapendo, surely you will see their mother's eyes glittering back at you. Because it was their mothers who carried them this far.

And now, each item these young women sew, helps support their mother's back in the village. In fact, as I type this, Mapendo is there right now, in the village visiting her mother.

So for Mother's Day, we invite you to celebrate with us. We invite you to celebrate the victories of Argentine and Mapendo and the mother's who carried them and believed in them.

We have some Mother's Day Specials posted in our store, and I hope to post a few more tomorrow. Each of these specials features handcrafted work of either Argentine or Mapendo, and goes to support both mother and daughter.

Mother's Day is only one week away, and SHONA would make a beautiful gift. We are offering free gift wrapping on request as well as a special Mother's Day brochure with the heart-warming stories of how Argentine and Mapendo are now supporting their mother's through every item they sew.

So come and buy something today!


Lorraine said...

thought you might like to know that your Mother's Day link doesn't work

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