Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sticky Summer

Recently we had a free shipping sale, and many of you came out to shop! Thank you! Your purchases allowed us to pay the SHONA ladies and ship the work they had completed. That is huge, and we couldn't have done it without you.

But we didn't quite have enough money to buy new material. So the ladies have been waiting. Anxiously, of course. I've told them wait until we sell a few more things.

So we've decided to extend our FREE SHIPPING for 1 more week, to help us get those last few dollars to buy new cloth. Just select the FREE SHIPPING option at check out!

To be honest, the summer is always a little bit sticky for us. Everyone goes on vacation and gets busy with summer plans. There is less shopping and more barbecues. Of course I fully support that type of a world. But the thing is we need your help to keep going through the summer and get ready for the winter. We do great in the months leading up to Christmas. In fact we sell out of most of our products by December and wish we had sewn many more.

But you see we can't sew many more, because NOW is when we should be sewing our stock for the winter. And we don't have the money to buy the cloth!

I consider myself anti-consumerism. I do not want a world where we shop MORE, but I do want a world where we shop better. I want us to buy meaningful gifts and meaningful clothing. And I want us to choose purchases that have a positive effect on the world.

One way to do that is to shop early. Consider it a little Christmas shopping in the middle of July. Just tuck your purchases away and in December I promise you will be happy to have them! That way your purchase is a double blessing. It is a blessing because it supports the woman who made it. And it is a blessing because it buys her more cloth to sew.

If you already took advantage of our free shipping week, maybe you can help us out by sharing this link and telling people about our sale!

And don't forget, we have a free give away going on right now. Right now, you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning a free product from SHONA. So spread the word!

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