Monday, July 11, 2011

When It Rains...

I received a number of phone calls in the middle of the night last week. That is not entirely unusual, since the middle of the night here, is morning in Congo. Yet usually the women will call me once, all of them together. This time it seemed each woman was calling on her own.

When I finally talked to the ladies they said "problems zilisha kuwa mingi" which means something like "Our problems have become many." Don't worry, the ladies will survive, and they are still eager to buy new cloth and get back to their sewing ASAP, but in the meantime they and their families could also use your prayers. It does seem that when it pours.

Mapendo is in the hospital right now. She had what sounds like a boil, or some other kind of swollen bump, which grew to unreasonable sizes. The hospital operated on her last week, and she started to get better. But then it appears to have gotten infected and now she is back at the hospital so that they can keep her on IV medicine for the next week.

Solange's 2 year old niece died. This was the only daughter of Solange's younger sister. The little girl had been in and out of the hospital with malaria. She had just been released from the hospital and seemed to be getting a little better, when she died. Solange has gone back to the rural village where her brother and sister live for the funeral.

Riziki is also visiting her family. Her mother is back in the hospital and Riziki is there to help take care of her.

Argentine's father was recently arrested and put in jail for marrying a 17 year old girl.This was despite the fact that he is still married to Argentine' mother, not to mention the father of 6 children who barely have food to eat.

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