Monday, October 3, 2011

Child-size aprons!

What is your little one wearing?

How about a SHONA apron! Introducing our all-new child size aprons.

These aprons are great for those little kitchen helpers (and we sell matching adult aprons so you can cook as a team if you like!). And think of all those arts and crafts projects that get a wee bit out of hand. Use these aprons as a painting smock and the colors your child adds will blend right in to this vibrant African cloth.

So we are offering a special deal today. Buy a SHONA child's apron. Then snap a picture of your little one wearing the apron. Give us permission to use the photo on our website (either with your child's smiling face, or cropped from the neck down, however you prefer) and we will give you $20 of SHONA bucks. Completely free! SHONA bucks can be used for any purchase in our store, and let me just point out, that at SHONA $20 actually buys a lot! The holidays are coming and this is a great way to start stocking up!

This apron is a good size for children ages 6-10

Meanwhile, all you grown people should come and check out our beautiful new stock! Like this...

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