Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holiday Tote Set (Half Price!)

Set of four amazing SHONA Tote bags for only $24. That is only $6 a bag!

You can even pick the colors yourself. Just include a comment at check out with the tote colors you want! Or, if you can't decide, surprise yourself with our selection!

Either way, these bags are perfect for the holiday season!

Keep them on hand for last minute gifts, that come with a story, and with real meaning.

We all know it happens. At least it happens to me. Those last minute runs to the Walmart, or the pharmacy or anywhere that is open. Desperately looking for something, anything, that will somehow seem like a reasonable gift.

This year you can support amazing women in Congo, making a real difference in their lives, and at the same time, have a meaningful gift on hand, for anything that might pop up.

These bags are also great stocking stuffers, or fill them with goodies for a special holiday gift bag.

And don't forget all those teachers on your list this year.

Whoever you give your bags to this year, they can go online and leave a message for the artisan. They can watch a video and see who made their bag. They can make a real connection to women half way across the world.

What other holiday gift did you have in mind?

Not sure how long supplies will last so get your holiday tote set today!

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