Thursday, November 3, 2011

34 weeks and counting...

I am 34 weeks pregnant. Well, I guess it is close to 35 weeks now.

I'm well aware that in Congo, I often saw women selling peanuts in the market, or carrying a baby on their backs and buckets of water on their heads. While they were probably 39 weeks pregnant.

Because someone still has to make the money, or carry the baby, or fetch the water. No matter what you are carrying on the inside as well.

But as for me, I'm a little tired.

It has been a busy season, trying to get in as many craft fairs and SHONA events as I can before the baby comes. In fact, I still have two more scheduled.

And in the meantime I have also been trying to wrap up the English classes that I teach.

Our house still looks exactly as it did 6 months ago. As in, we have not exactly established a baby's room yet.

Which is ok with me. Because I also seem to remember the homes of almost all my friends in Congo, did not exactly feature baby rooms. Even though they definitely featured babies. As I leaf through the magazines in the doctor's waiting rooms I am strongly convinced that we are being told that baby's need far too many things.

And I'm sure that is true for moms as well. So far I have managed to get away with only a few purchases from a maternity store. Of course, I am not exactly sure what I will be wearing in the coming weeks, but somehow I'll make it.

But, like it or not, one thing I am pretty sure that I need more of is time. And I'm sure this is just a shadow of how I will feel after the baby arrives.

So, all that to say, how about a shout-out to the SHONA women? They are still working as hard as ever, we have a great stock for the holidays, but we need your help getting the word out. Right now our store is offering 10% off all purchases! And we have a half price sale on our holiday totes sets. PLEASE TELL PEOPLE ABOUT US! On facebook, in an email, or any other way you can.

When it comes to the holidays, I'm sure you have lists of things to buy. But I am sure there are also plenty of question marks. SHONA bags, aprons, table runners, and placemat sets make really great gifts for the holidays. Because they are totally unique and because they mean so much.

So as I wander through the next weeks, no doubt with many surprises along the way, I'll try and keep you updated. But remember that your voice (and your purchases) can play a real part in making sure that the SHONA ladies stay strong. They are amazing women, and I find them an honor and a joy to share with others. I hope you will too!

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