Friday, October 31, 2008

As it turned out...

As it turned out, my husband did not cross the border. The border is open, but our security advisor advised against any visits into Goma. People in Goma continue to call us saying that people are starting to move around. The markets have not opened but motorcycle taxis are returning to the streets and some shops are opening.

However we are receiving messages from the US Embassy stating that all US citizens should leave Goma immediately and that there will be some kind of announcement this afternoon and increased chance of rioting.

So here we are. Waiting for the other shoe to drop and praying for the best for all our friends in Goma.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you might let people here know what they can do to help you and the Shona women out in the meantime. Is there some way we can help?

shona congo said...

Thank you for your interest and concern. Truly just knowing that people are following the situation and keeping the people of Congo in their thoughts and prayers means a lot to us. I tried to answer your question in my post "what can we do?", and since then we have received a number of donations that will cover any expenses for the Shona ladies as we remain in Rwanda. So thank you for asking the question. I am touched by your thoughtfulness. And thank you to all the people who have donated. The Shona women are amazed at your kindness. And so am I.