Sunday, April 26, 2009

Honest Scrap

Thank you to Extranjera
for awarding me the the "honest scrap" award. Honestly, I would much prefer an honesty award which doesn't require any work, but I guess we take what we can get. In this case I am required to...

1. List 10 honest things about yourself, and
2. Pass it on to 7 cool people who embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

SO here is my list...

1. I often wonder what kind of weird joke it is for me to be running a clothing company (admittedly a super small one). My fashion taste generally extends no further than jeans and t-shirts and I have long been known to go for the "rumpled" look. I think all my old college roomates find it equally baffling.

2. I live in an apartment where there is usually no running water, and certainly never any hot water. My refrigerator no longer works and we cook in a toaster oven. People generally see our apartment and say "oh, so this is the real Africa". Yet I have a guy who irons my clothes to perfection (including all the jeans and t- shirts), polishes my shoes and does my dishes. Ah the ironies of Africa.

3. I am an only child. Enough said.

4. I am currently trying to teach about the female reproductive system, in Swahili. Have you ever tried explaining birth control in a language you kind-of know?

5. I tend to bite off way more than I can chew.

6. I hate French. The language of course, not the people. This is entirely my fault, and I am sure that French is a perfectly beautiful language for those of you who can speak it.

7. My blog is heavily edited, and so is this list. But hey don't take away my "honest scrap" award. Honesty in Congo is really more of a state of mind.

9. I work with incredibly inspiring people. No editing needed.

9. I hate flying and love snow. Why do I live in Africa?

10. I don't follow even close to enough blogs to begin handing this award out to seven people.

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