Thursday, April 9, 2009

SHONA updates

Many thanks to all our friends and customers who have taken advantage of our spring sale, and to all of you who have emailed our sale coupon to others. I guess sales really work! We've had a great turn out. It has been fun seeing some of our earliest customers again and seeing some new customers who appeared out of the blue. Thanks to all of you no doubt.

For those of you have no idea what i am talking about, check out the sale info here. There are still 5 more days to take advantage of 20% off.

And don't forget, if you find that our stock is running low, come back in two weeks for our new shipment's arrival. We have some all new products like APRONS, with matching child sized aprons!

On that note...PLEASE help us. We are constantly developing new products based on the suggestions of customers. Right now we are working on children's clothes, cloth shopping bags and skirts. What do you want in a cloth shopping bag? What do you want in a skirt or in children's clothes? And what else do you suggest we sew?

We have just added a short survey to our website. Please come try it out. And while you are on our website, check out the newly updated Goma page and the all new "challenges" page. It has some good pics.

Or since you are here, leave us a comment on our blog. Leave your product suggestions in a comment right here, and we might start a whole conversation! We love blog comments.

Anyway you do it, we love to hear from you. And bring those suggestions for shopping bags, children's clothes and skirts ASAP because we are quite literally developing them right now and your suggestions will be incorporated immediately!

Thank you all for bearing with the blog entries about our store. I promise I'll write something else soon.


Anonymous said...

Make more mediums! :) I found your site through ebay and love it. I was in North Kivu for a couple weeks last summer with a group from our church. I am so excited to find a place where I can buy beautiful products and support women in Goma. I look forward to seeing your new products.

shona congo said...

So glad you found us! Thanks for commenting on my blog and filling out our survey on our website. We really appreciate your opinion. We are working on many more mediums for next month, so hang in there!

Where in North Kivu did you visit? What were your impressions? Maybe you could write another comment here, telling myself and other readers a little more about your experience here. Many people want to know what it is like out here and it would be nice to hear from another voice occassionally. If you feel like it.

ALso if you would like to drop me an email ( with your email address i will add you to our email list. You helped me realize that we have a rather large flaw with our survey because there is no place for an email address. I'll try and fix that as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for following SHONA and for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I was in Rutshuru for 6 days, and in Goma for about a day and a half. Our church has a partnership with World Relief, and 11 of us (including my husband and myself)made the trip to Congo to join them in their efforts for a few days. It was truly life-changing for me. I barely knew anything about Congo before I went, and I completely fell in love! The land is so beautiful, and the people are amazing. The strength of the women especially impressed me, women who have gone through so much suffering, and are still pressing on. I feel like such a wimp in comparison!

The overwhelming theme that broke my heart was the feeling that many people had that the world has forgotten them, or that we don't care. And unfortunately, that seems to be the case too often. I am glad for people like you who are getting the word out about what it's really like in Eastern Congo.