Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Store!!

After what seems like FOREVER...
We have a new online store, and we are super excited!

The SHONA ladies have been sewing up a storm and I've spent weeks staring at HTML, taking photos, counting our stock, and adding lots of new features to the store,

And we have two new shipments in, with bags, aprons, placemat sets, table runners, throw pillows, blouses, boubous and fabulous skirts. Check it out today!


Lauren said...

I'm so glad to hear this new!! Congrats... I will be looking through everything and making my selections for gifts, soon... I love the fabrics, and stories behind the works... Much love to you all! xo

shona congo said...

Thanks! Your work is beautiful as well, and I enjoy reading your blog. Always makes me feel peaceful! Many blessings!

Rebecca said...

New website looks great!
Will be sure to pass it along.
Best of luck to you all-- hope this year is fruitful for you!